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Roses Intertwined

Roses Intertwined - The Utena x Anthy Community
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Hello, and welcome to the community "Roses Intertwined" - the Utena x Anthy community!

This community was created for fans of the relationship between Tenjou Utena and Anthy Himemiya, from the infamous anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena. If you are a fellow fan of their relationship, please join!


1. Obviously, this is more or less a community for a shoujo-ai/yuri pairing. If you do not like shoujo-ai/yuri, this isn't the place for you. ^^"

2. Flames of any kind are not tolerated. Please, let's just all get along here. =)

3. Post images apart from teaser icons behind an lj-cut. Images not placed behind a cut can cause layout distortion.

4. Give appropriate ratings & warnings for fanfictions, fanarts, or any other type of fanwork that may require one. Mature rated material is of course welcomed and allowed, just let people know if something's work-safe or not work-safe so they don't accidentally open up something in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. Don't direct-link from other sites. They'll find out. If you're going to share an image that's not yours, please make sure you upload it to your own server, or a place such as photobucket.

6. Pimp'n communities is only fine if they're primarily Utena and/or yuri related. I don't want to see an entry that says "come join Orlando Bloom lovers united" or anything similar, or the entry will be deleted.

Well, that's about it. Please, do post your Utena x Anthy fanfics, fanarts, icons, banners, desktops, or whatever you want! And have fun!

This community is moderated by me, sapphire17. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to e-mail me.

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